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Simply Direct Medicine is one of the leading medical weight loss and treatment facilities in Dallas, TX. With an experienced medical staff and board-certified family medicine doctor, you are in trusted hands every step of the way. Whether you’re interested in proven weight loss treatments or general health checkups, our staff creates personalized visits for each patient to see the best possible results. Get vitamin shots that eliminate migraines, chronic fatigue or a prescription medication that tackles weight loss by reducing appetite and increasing metabolism growth. Whatever the reason, our team is here to help you find relief and results depending on your unique needs. Read through some of our most recent success stories that have made both men and women choose us for their health treatments.

Current Patient

Ciara Arianna

Dr. Molina and his staff have been very welcoming and friendly as I’ve been a patient now two years. They actually ask how you are and seem genuine and have kind conversations when getting me checked in and into the observation room. Have never felt judged or neglected here. Molina himself is very caring as well and goes beyond expectations to ensure his patients are taken care of and know they are cared for. He is a genuine person and takes his vocation and patients seriously.

 I recommend this office to anyone. Waits are very short, even when I have shown up late to my appointments, they have been more than accommodating and polite. I see this office as a group of people I have come to appreciate and am always comfortable and confident with. Thank you, Molina and staff!

Current Patient

Kristy Hickman

I was referred to Dr. Molina by a family member for his HCG program, and I couldn’t have been happier with the entire process! From the ease of scheduling my appointments to the simplicity of the program, I felt like a valued patient. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly upon arrival and throughout the length of my appointment. The program was easy, and the results encouraged me to stay the course! My follow up appointment felt just as important as the initial one- Dr. Molina asked questions, listened to my answers and provided guidance and encouragement. I’ve since been to his office for other medical issues and would highly recommend anyone to go see him. 

I plan to continue going to Dr. Molina as needed, as he is excellent at what he does and seems to care deeply about his patients.

Current Patient

Jacqueline Mullins

I had my first appointment yesterday and I must say the entire staff were extremely friendly and helpful. I saw Ashley the NP and she was very thorough and explained things in detail to me and took the time to listen to my concerns, without feeling rushed! Very impressed with this Dr.’s office and will continue to trust them with my care!

Current Patient

Jill Cowley

DR. Molina is wonderful. He really cares and listens to you, and really works hard to get you well and where you need to be. His PA and other ladies in office are wonderful too! I feel so blessed to have found such a great doctor! I highly recommend him and his staff!!! ❤️

Current Patient

Cynthia Ramirez

For years I wanted to find a good Dr. who could get to know me and my health issues. A Dr. who could really help me be in good health who paid attention to my concerns without rushing and who could give me good advice. Dr. Molina is the best I have found. He is attentive to details and my concerns. He gives me good advice and follows up. He doesn’t just prescribe medication and sends me on my way. He finds the best option and hesitates to give me medication if unnecessary. Dr. Molina and his staff are all very friendly and treat everyone with respect and always with a smile on their face. I cannot say enough about Dr. Molina and his staff because they are just amazing! Best environment I have experienced, and their prices are very affordable. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Molina as your head Family Dr.

Current Patient

Lucie Fireguard

I came to Dr. Molina mid 2019 for HCG protocol. I had done the HCG protocol back in 2011 with great results. Dr. Molina does the HCG in such an awesome way, I got an HGC protocol book which explains the diet, how it works, a great what to eat/not to eat and during which phase of the diet. Additionally, living in a community this is great, they gave me a sharps disposal for the needles. When I did it last time from someone else I had no idea what was on the to and not to eat list. Nothing explained vegetarian options, which this book does and I needed. Throwing used syringes in the trash was iffy but no worries now. He is compassionate, his staff is awesome. I have come back to him now, about 6 months later, for a follow up to lose the remaining 15 pounds and they remembered me and treat me like family. He offers great specials and great follow up treatment as well.

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