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New Patients Welcome!

New Patient Paperwork and Process to Start Treatment

After reading about all the different services we provide, if you’re interested in learning more and becoming a new patient, please reach out to our office in Dallas, TX right away. You don’t want to hesitate a moment longer to improve your health and your life. On this page, we have forms available for your first visit and weight loss treatment, as well as an intake form and medical information notices. Please fill out any forms before your first one-on-one consultation and be as thorough and accurate as possible so your doctor can get a clear assessment of your health. His job is to diagnose you properly and implement an agreed-upon treatment plan, so your input is invaluable. At Simply Direct Medicine, we consider you our partner, and we face your path to better health as a team.

What You Will Experience

Your First Visit

During your first office visit, we hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of your current health, as well as your history—the triumphs, failures, and aspirations. Please take the time to respond thoughtfully to all of the background information and questions on our new patient form so we can set you on the path to long-term success. Our nurse will begin your consultation by taking your vital signs and measurements. Next, your practitioner will do a thorough interview to determine your medical history, dietary habits, exercise level, weight loss objectives, etc. Your success will involve a collaborative effort between you and your doctor, so all parties must have a thorough understanding of the targeted goals and the strategy to achieve them. After this conversation, a nurse will normally draw the labs prescribed during your exam. Finally, we will assist you in scheduling a follow-up appointment. Then, we will select the best program to begin reaching your goals and living your best life.

Fill Out Our New Patient Forms

New Patient Forms

When you come to our office, we will have forms for you to fill out as a new patient. This is to get as thorough an understanding of your background and medical history as possible. This way, we can treat your condition confidently, knowing that the programs and medications we implement will be effective. Please be honest and detailed when filling out these forms, as it will benefit your health. We invite you to click the link for the necessary forms if you wish to fill them out before your in-person consultation.

General Patient Information & HIPPA
No-Show/Late Appointment Policy
General Patient Information & HIPPA
No-Show/Late Appointment Policy

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