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Our Variety of Wellness Visits & Exams to Protect Your Health

Regular visits with your physician are essential for maintaining quality health and wellness. Many individuals mistakenly believe that if they are well, they can skip the annual wellness appointment, but this isn’t the case. If your health is essential to you, you should prioritize your own well-being and participate in regular wellness check-ups. Preventative care is incredibly important to diagnose problems before they become too severe to treat or cure. At Simply Direct Medicine in Dallas, TX, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us at least once a year to monitor your condition and make any necessary improvements to your medications or lifestyle changes. We also want you to come see us if you’re feeling sick or your child needs a sports physical. We’re here to support you and ensure your health remains in the best condition possible.

Health & Wellness Visit

Wellness Exam

The purpose of wellness visits is to provide your doctor with an update on your overall health. They can help you make beneficial lifestyle decisions, and they can detect health problems early on so they can be treated immediately. Screenings may differ depending on age, gender, and potential health risks. During your wellness exam, you may be screened for cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, osteoporosis, and STDs. Your doctor will inquire about your current stress, physical activity, diet, and substance usage, such as alcohol or tobacco. Most of the exam focuses on ways to improve general health through lifestyle changes and better decision-making. Be honest in your responses; complete information helps you and your doctor achieve the best possible results.

Health & Wellness

Sick Visits

When you or your child is feeling ill, we recommend reaching out to our office and scheduling a sick visit so we can examine you and give you a proper diagnosis. Certain symptoms necessitate immediate care, so please contact our office if you or your child exhibits any of the following: fever, lethargy, compromised immunity, severe pain, febrile seizure, headache, stiffness, sore throat, or red/purple patches on the skin. To prepare for your visit, we recommend writing down any questions as well as important information regarding the symptoms that may be useful to the doctor. The doctor will inquire about your symptoms, your family’s medical history, and other pertinent information that may aid in diagnosis. You may anticipate that you or your child will undergo a physical examination, which will include taking your temperature, monitoring breathing and heart rate, and looking for symptoms of infection. If your doctor requires extra information, a lab test may be ordered. Call our office near Dallas, TX in advance to schedule a sick visit for yourself or your child so we can see you as soon as possible.

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During your wellness visit, it is essential to discuss any health questions, concerns, or difficulties you may have. Beginning a conversation about your health significantly enhances the quality of your healthcare. Write down any questions you have for your doctor before your appointment. Annual wellness check-ups are critical for maintaining excellent health, and they are covered in full by the majority of insurance policies with no copayments. Check with your plan to see how frequently you are eligible for wellness visits. At Simply Direct Medicine in Dallas, TX, we are here to support you and ensure your continued good health and quality of life. Let’s work together to make sure you’re maintaining the best health and lifestyle possible. Please schedule your wellness exam with one of our physicians today!

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Health & Wellness

Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are available to our male and female patients, but are also required if your child is planning on participating in sports or other athletic activities in school. However, it’s important to recognize that all children are athletes and likely participate in P.E. classes, clubs, or hobbies that involve some level of physical activity. Therefore, all children should have a routine sports physical performed to make sure they are healthy enough to partake in their activities and don’t have any condition that could put them in danger of illness or injury. We recommend requesting a sports physical when scheduling you or your child’s next routine wellness visit. Routine check-ups keep medical records and health history up to date. Heart health, mental health, bone/joint health, and concussions or brain injuries are the most important aspects of a sports physical. In addition, the doctor can ensure you or your child is fully immunized and discuss any issues or concerns in a private setting.

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