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Our Approaches to Safe & Effective Weight Loss

The best approach to reducing weight is through a nutritious diet and regular exercise, but many people struggle to do so and suffer from weight-related medical conditions. If you have had difficulty losing weight despite dieting and exercising, our medical weight loss programs may be able to help you. At Simply Direct Medicine in Fort Worth, TX, we offer physician-supervised weight loss programs that incorporate individualized meal plans and weight loss medications prescribed by a medical doctor. Please don’t blame yourself for the weight problems you’re facing because it’s not your fault. Environmental contaminants, changing lifestyles, fast food, hidden ingredients, hormonal imbalances, and daily stresses all contribute to the increase in obesity and weight gain in the United States. Don’t be discouraged. A supervised medical regimen can be the answer to resolve this condition.

Why Choose Medical Weight Loss Treatment

Benefits of Medical Weight Loss Treatment Fort Worth TX

Numerous weight loss plans and dietary supplements are available on the market, making it difficult to choose which one will be most effective for you. People frequently use fad diets to lose weight, but these diets are typically unbalanced and often harmful. To avoid these possibly dangerous weight reduction treatments, you should make the more sensible choice to consult a physician and participate in a medical weight loss program like the ones we provide at Simply Direct Medicine in Fort Worth, TX. Medical weight loss methods are the healthiest and most intelligent approach to losing weight, keeping it off, and achieving the body of your dreams. In addition, medically supervised weight loss programs will ensure that you exercise properly and consume the right nutrients so your body can function as efficiently as possible.

Our Weight Loss Treatments
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Simply Direct Medicine never advises unsustainable weight loss approaches such as pre-packaged meals, low-calorie diets, daily food journaling, or intense exercise. These weight loss methods are unsustainable, impractical, and reversible, which are significant drawbacks. You may lose weight quickly, but it can return just as quickly, and you may even regain more than you lost. This causes your weight to fluctuate, which, over time, harms your metabolism. The secret to rapid and long-term weight loss is implementing smart lifestyle modifications that you can adhere to consistently. We use safe and effective prescription medications to reduce your appetite, increase your body’s ability to burn fat, improve blood sugar response, and boost your metabolism, as well as assist you in making healthier lifestyle decisions. We conduct consultations and collect lab data to thoroughly understand your medical history, dietary preferences, level of physical activity, and individual concerns. Call our location in Fort Worth, TX, to learn about your options.

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Semaglutide is a new FDA-approved weight loss medication that suppresses your hunger and cravings by mimicking a naturally occurring hormone in your body. Current studies indicate that semaglutide reduces appetite, boosts self-control when eating, decreases food cravings, and improves glycemic management. Semaglutide is also more than twice as effective as any other FDA-approved weight loss medicine. The way it works is simple: if you can control your appetite and feel fuller, you will be less inclined to overeat, enabling you to achieve and, more importantly, maintain a healthier weight. With Semaglutide, your body will become more balanced and the excess fat will be burned off more efficiently. In individuals with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, semaglutide is also shown to help minimize the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death. To learn more about this incredibly revolutionary and effective medication, contact our expert staff at Simply Direct Medicine in Fort Worth, TX, today.

Lipo B Shot
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Lipo B injections are a modern approach to weight loss. The way each person’s body processes and stores fat relies on a number of factors, including nutrition, physical activity, and even genetics. At our primary care office in Fort Worth, TX, Simply Direct Medicine administers vitamin and amino acid injections to men and women to manage their weight loss. Each patient is analyzed individually to discover the most efficient means of boosting the body’s metabolism in order to achieve sustainable weight loss. The Lipo B injection is a combination of vitamin B12, amino acids, and lipotropic compounds used to improve patients’ energy levels, weight loss, and general well-being. Men and women can benefit from the injection by increasing their metabolism and expediting the loss of excess fat from their bodies. Our staff offers low-cost, life-changing Lipo B treatments for weight loss and energy enhancement, so if you’re interested in better health, call today to learn more.

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Enroll in a Membership Program!

Enjoy great deals on better health and achieve the results you want at an affordable price.

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Myer’s Cocktail Shot
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When it comes to chronic medical conditions, there is not always a straightforward treatment. Usually, weeks or even months of treatment are necessary to achieve relief from symptoms. Fortunately, our physicians at Simply Direct Medicine offer Myer’s Cocktail injections to men and women of all ages who seek quick treatment for stress, migraines, allergies, depression, and chronic fatigue. Dr. John Myers developed the best vitamin cocktail for chronic disease treatment. As a result, he discovered that mixes of vitamins B and C, electrolytes, magnesium, calcium, and hydration enhance the performance of sluggish immune systems and nerves. This therapeutic option, which can be administered via IV infusion, oral pills, or a single injection, is advised for both men and women and can be administered one to two times per week, or as often as desired under the guidance of a physician. When you schedule a Myer’s Cocktail injection at our Fort Worth, TX location, you will feel rejuvenated immediately. Everyone appreciates fast results.

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Instead of reverting to harmful diets and inadequate exercise routines, allow our medical professionals to guide you towards medical therapies that improve your entire health and deliver rapid weight loss benefits with Phentermine. Phentermine is an FDA-approved weight loss and appetite suppressant that has helped many individuals battling obesity and the negative side effects of being overweight. When paired with diet and exercise, Phentermine can help you lose weight while establishing new eating habits and engaging in the proper amount of physical activity. This weight loss medication lowers hunger, helping you to feel full while consuming fewer calories. Because Phentermine is a stimulant, it may also increase your energy levels. It is most effective when accompanied by a low-calorie diet and frequent exercise. Dietary, physical, and behavioral modifications must be created and maintained over the long term to sustain weight reduction and prevent significant setbacks. Contact our staff at Simply Direct Medicine in Fort Worth, TX, to learn more.

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Wellness Visits
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The purpose of wellness exams is to provide your doctor with an update on your overall health. They can help you make good lifestyle decisions and detect health problems early so they may be treated right away. Screenings may differ based on age, gender, and other health hazards. During your wellness checkup at Simply Direct Medicine in Fort Worth, TX, you will be examined for cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, osteoporosis, and STDs. Your doctor will inquire about your present stress level, physical activity, diet, and substance usages, such as alcohol and tobacco. Most of the exam focuses on methods to improve overall health through lifestyle modification and better decision-making. Be honest in your responses; providing complete information allows you and your doctor to work together to achieve the best possible results.

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