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Our Approaches to Safe & Effective Weight Loss

If you have had difficulty losing weight despite dieting and exercise, our medical weight loss programs should be a better fit for you. It is true that the most effective way to reduce weight is by a healthy diet and regular exercise, but many people struggle with this method alone and continue to suffer from weight-related health issues. Simply Direct Medicine in McKinney, TX, provides physician-supervised weight loss programs that include customized meal plans and weight loss medications provided by a qualified physician. Please do not blame yourself for your weight issues. Many variables contribute to the difficulties you confront with your weight. Environmental toxins, changes in lifestyle, fast food, hidden ingredients, hormone imbalances, and daily stress all contribute to the rise in obesity and weight gain in the United States, but don’t be disheartened. To keep you safe and on track with your goals, we can manage your weight loss with a medication regimen monitored by one of our doctors.

Why Choose Medical Weight Loss Treatment

Benefits of Medical Weight Loss Treatment McKinney TX

There are several weight loss plans and nutritional supplements available on the market today, making it difficult to choose the one that will be most effective for you. People commonly follow imbalanced fad diets to reduce weight, despite the fact that these diets are frequently ineffective and even dangerous. Consult a doctor and enroll in a medical weight loss program, such as those offered by Simply Direct Medicine in McKinney, TX. Our medical weight reduction strategies are the healthiest and most practical way to lose weight, keep it off, and achieve your ideal physique. Medically supervised weight loss programs will guarantee that you exercise appropriately and take the necessary nutrients so your body functions at its best.

Our Weight Loss Treatments
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Simply Direct Medicine never recommends unsustainable methods of weight loss, such as low-calorie diets, daily food diaries, pre-packaged meals, or excessive exercise. These weight loss procedures are not sustainable. You may lose weight, but it can become easy to regain without long-term changes. This causes your weight to fluctuate, which can eventually damage your metabolism. Implementing smart and sustainable lifestyle adjustments is the key to achieving lasting weight loss. In addition to assisting you in making healthy lifestyle choices, we employ safe and effective prescription medications to reduce your hunger, increase your body’s ability to burn fat, improve blood sugar response, and speed up your metabolism. We conduct patient interviews and collect test results to gain a comprehensive understanding of your medical history, food preferences, level of physical activity, and any other pertinent personal information. Contact our McKinney, TX office to explore your various alternatives and pick the option that best suits your needs.

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If you haven’t heard of Semaglutide, allow our specialists to educate you on its remarkable benefits. Semaglutide is a recently FDA-approved weight loss medicine that lowers appetite and cravings by mimicking a naturally occurring hormone in your body. Current research indicates that semaglutide suppresses appetite, improves self-control, lowers food cravings, and enhances glycemic control. Semaglutide is also more than twice as effective as any other weight loss medication licensed by the FDA. If you are able to regulate your appetite and feel fuller, you will be less likely to overeat, allowing you to achieve and maintain a healthier weight. Your body will become more balanced and excess fat will be burnt more efficiently with Semaglutide. In addition, this medication minimizes the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death for individuals with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Contact our knowledgeable staff at Simply Direct Medicine in McKinney, TX, for more information about this safe and effective treatment.

Lipo B Shot
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Injections of Lipo B are a contemporary method of weight loss. A variety of factors, including nutrition, physical activity, and genetics, affect how the body processes and retains fat in each individual. Simply Direct Medicine’s primary care office in McKinney, TX, administers Lipo B injections to men and women for weight reduction management. The Lipo B injection is a combination of vitamin B12, amino acids, and lipotropic compounds used to enhance patients’ energy levels, weight loss, and overall wellness. Each patient undergoes a unique examination to discover the most efficient means of enhancing the body’s metabolism for long-term weight loss. If you are interested in improving your health, please contact us to learn more about our affordable, life-changing Lipo B treatments for weight loss and energy enhancement. Trust us—you will notice the positive results and love the improvements to your body.

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Enjoy great deals on better health and achieve the results you want at an affordable price.

Enroll in a Membership Program!

Enjoy great deals on better health and achieve the results you want at an affordable price.

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Myer’s Cocktail Shot
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After seeing that vitamins B and C, electrolytes, magnesium, calcium, and hydration boost the efficiency of sluggish immune cells and neurons, Dr. John Myers devised the most effective vitamin cocktail for treating chronic disorders. Our professionals at Simply Direct Medicine administer Myer’s Cocktail injections to individuals of all ages who require immediate relief from stress, migraines, allergies, depression, and chronic fatigue. This alternative treatment, which can be provided via intravenous infusion, oral pills, or a single injection, is recommended for both men and women and can be administered one to two times per week as needed, or as directed by a doctor. Shortly after obtaining a Myer’s Cocktail injection at our McKinney, TX facility, you will feel revitalized. We believe that rapid results and symptom relief are important to our patients. Chronic medical illnesses are typically resistant to easy therapies, and it may take weeks or even months to ease your symptoms. We suggest trying a Myer’s Cocktail shot so you can experience quick relief.

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Instead of reverting to unsafe diets and ineffective exercise regimens, allow our medical professionals to direct you toward medical therapies that will improve your health and facilitate the rapid weight loss you want. Phentermine is an FDA-approved appetite suppressant and weight loss medication that has helped many people combat obesity and its harmful side effects. When combined with diet and exercise, Phentermine is more effective and can help you lose weight while developing new eating habits and participating in appropriate physical activity. This drug for weight loss lowers appetite, allowing you to consume fewer calories while still feeling full. As a stimulant, Phentermine may also enhance energy levels. To sustain weight loss and prevent major relapses, you need to implement and maintain long-term nutritional, physical, and behavioral changes. Please contact our specialists at Simply Direct Medicine in McKinney, TX, for further help and information.

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Wellness Visits
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Wellness checkups are intended to give your physician a detailed update on your general health. Then, they can help you adopt a healthy lifestyle and spot health problems early, allowing for swift treatment. Screenings may vary based on age, gender, and other health concerns. During your wellness exam at Simply Direct Medicine in McKinney, TX, you will be screened for cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, and STDs. Your physician will ask questions about your level of stress, physical activity, food, and substance use, including tobacco and alcohol consumption. The majority of the examination will focus on how to enhance your general health by altering your lifestyle and adopting healthier daily choices. Since providing detailed information can help you and your physician get the best results, please be truthful and thorough in your responses. Your personal information will be kept confidential and only used to help you with your health goals.

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