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Is Low Testosterone Dangerous to Your Health?

The answer depends on your age. As men age, they lose testosterone, one of the main hormones that regulate male physiological responses, like growing facial hair. About 20 percent of men in their sixties have low testosterone (low-T), and the number increases to 30 percent in men in their seventies. Thankfully, there’s a medical treatment for low-T. If you live in the Dallas, TX area contact Simply Direct Medicine for a low-T evaluation and treatment options.

Why Testosterone Matters

Young boys and men need testosterone to complete their growing processes. However, as men age, T-levels drop off, but they shouldn’t stop. Some older men still need testosterone, especially those suffering from erectile dysfunction. Low-T in young men is a medical issue and is treatable with medication under a doctor’s care at Simply Direct Medicine.

Low-T Warning Signs

Although older men may not need testosterone for sexual functions, low-T could signify something else. For example, diseases and medications that affect the pituitary gland and damage to the testes from injury and chemotherapy. As such, all men should understand testosterone levels for their age group. If you suspect you or a loved one has low-T and live in the Dallas, TX region, contact Simply Direct Medicine for a comprehensive evaluation.

Decreasing Libido

Testosterone is a sex hormone and should motivate men into sexual activity. If you are experiencing a low sex drive or cannot perform, this could indicate that you suffer from low-T levels.

Feeling Tired

Testosterone helps regulate activity levels and motivation. low-T causes fatigue and a general lack of interest in exercising. Additionally, feeling run down and never getting enough sleep despite a good night’s sleep can mean low-T.

Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness is common in men. However, low T levels can increase hair loss and even influence losing body and facial hair. If you notice a rapid change in the thickness of your hair, contact Simply Direct Medicine immediately for testing services.

Loss In Muscle Mass

As males grow into and through puberty, testosterone levels help them develop muscles into bigger muscle masses. Reduce testosterone levels, and the reverse can happen. Incidentally, you won’t lose much strength. If you feel like your muscles are getting smaller and you’re in the Dallas, TX area, contact Simply Direct Medicine.

Sudden Weight Gain

Low-T can lead to obesity if not treated using a medical weight loss program, testosterone medicine and injections, and/or weight loss pills. Men may also have increased breast area fat called gynecomastia.

Moodiness and Memory Loss

Testosterone helps regulate many body functions. Consequently, low T influences moods. Some men experience irritability, made worse by inactivity and depression. Combine this with the natural aging process, and some men lose significant portions of their memory.

How Medicine Memberships Can Help

At Simply Direct Medicine, we believe in keeping you healthy, so you don’t need to see a doctor. If you need your testosterone levels checked, call us at 972.620.2626. Our healthcare providers provide individual weight loss programs and memberships that save money over time.

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