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Two medical professionals who are holding a medicine membership card and a clipboard to offer medical weight loss treatment in Dallas, TX.

The Benefits of Medicine Memberships

Over the last several years, the healthcare industry has undergone several changes. For instance, the ACA and then COVID-19 led to loosening restrictions surrounding distance medicine in video and phone visits. Patients can now join medical programs that aren’t insurance, where patients have to pay a monthly premium and deal with deductibles. Broadly, clients can access direct primary care that treats the person with affordable medicine. At Simply Direct Medicine, we’ve embraced changes and offer medicine memberships that bring value and healthcare security to clients’ lives. With several options for single people and families, Simply Direct Medicine has a price point for any budget.

Top Benefits Of Joining a Medicine Membership

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, insurance providers could no longer turn people down for coverage, and they had to start offering a mandatory minimum service level. This left an opening for medicine memberships where patients could pay a reasonable fee for a service on top of the monthly membership price.

No Deductible

You will never receive a deductible for medical weight loss treatments and medications when you join Simply Direct Medicine. By investing in a monthly medical membership at our facility in Dallas, TX, you will always receive affordable treatment plans that won’t break the bank. We always tell you upfront what you’ll pay for one of our services.

Affordable Off-Insurance Medical Treatment

The prices we put on our services reflect our ability to get wholesale prices and bargains with individual pharmaceutical companies. For example, some insurance plans don’t cover the Myers’ Cocktail Shot because it’s not typical medicine. The same is true for weight loss. At Simply Direct Medicine, our weight loss programs, including weight loss pills, are parts of our medical programs for treating obesity.

Direct Primary Care

We specialize in direct primary care focusing on members’ overall health and well-being. Members are our primary concern, so we don’t restrict the number of medical visits because of good health. If you live in the Dallas, TX region, we want to develop relationships with members to treat the whole person.

No Bull Prices and Billing

At Simply Direct Medicine, we don’t offer treatment plans or medications with hidden fees and charges. We tell you, upfront, what you pay and what you get when working with our medical team. We also offer regular specials that allow clients to try treatments they could not afford elsewhere. We’re really good negotiators and fight to keep lab prices down so we can keep a close eye on your health.

Membership Medicine Has Its Privileges

As a Dallas, TX-based direct primary care program, Simply Direct Medicine has privileges that other healthcare providers don’t. Call us today at 972.620.2626 for more information and to join.

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